Raising Awareness


The Horizons Project is committed to raising consciousness for Humanity's long-term future by:

  • Promoting and encouraging mechanisms and organizations to address long-term challenges.
  • Conducting research on long-term challenges.
  • Working on long-term issues such as preventing a space arms race.
  • Building a network of interested individuals and organizations.
  • Producing and distributing relevant literature.
  • Contributing to the work of related organizations.
  • Giving presentations.

Contemplating and working on behalf of humanity's long-term future can help unite, where there are otherwise near-term differences that often divide.  

Looking forward to our distant horizons can help us transcend near-term day-to-day problems to more broadly applicable ideals that can provide a positive and compelling context for human meaning and purpose.

We are presently seeking funding to help with these efforts and welcome any thoughts.


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